The main problem for the physics is the understanding of the mathematical and abstract concepts.



These concepts are absolutely incomprehensible. First we have time and space. For a mathematician they are continuous variables. For the space he writes three axis in a plane and all is good. For a physicist the time is the result of a comparison between two events, and no events no time .Energy ,which is a quantity of events , is therefore connected with the time. The time gives a description bur not an explanation ;and a landmark is made of objets which have some specific properties. Following the landmark is not neutral and the laws of the physics are connect with the landmark.If we use a barycentric frame (classical machanics) or an absolute frame(Relativities) the laws are not the same. Specially for the laws of conservations .If we use the earth as frame , it is the sun which turns round the earth.

After we have the concepts as mass, energy, force, momentum, action, electric charge, fields, entropy and so on …

All these concepts are incomprehensible for a physicist. Indeed we do not know why an objet move. The force is a bad mathematical alibi, a poor mask of our ignorance.

Frequently the mathematics are inadequate. Especially when the mathematician use derived. To make the derived of a function it is necessary to have a continuous function. But in physics we have never continuous function.

We have only discontinuous things and events. For example energy is the derived of action in relation with the time. But action is discontinuous and we have the incertitude principle. This principle is not a physical principle. It is due to an inadequate and mathematical definition. And we have a great number of these problems in physics. The mathematics give descriptions but not explanations.

Following we try to improve the comprehension of these concepts. With some logic we find very interesting results and even a simple unitary theory.

Subatomic physics


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