The explanation of the nature of the vacuum gives more solutions to the problems of the physics. Also they explain more concepts very incomprehensible such as energy, force, mass, electric charge and so on.

We have also explanation of MQ and Relativity . Relativity is given by the emission of particles . But this emissions give waves around the particle because we have entities in the vacuum .

Mass and electric charge , which are at the base of the physical reality are given by hazardous events ( 10 –21 s ) , and we become sensible of the average  and we measure the mean,and we have ubiquity .In fact mass and charge are discontinuous .
Ours measures are long and it seems the things are stable .It is the same for ours senses which are not very efficient .
 In fact we have quick modifications ,and if we make quick measures we will find a blurred physics , where constants are not constant and ours physical laws inadequate .The experiment give an average .But an average do not exists in the time ,and we use the numbers given by this average to create our calculus .And so it is possible to have a solution for the EPR paradox .

   Finally it seems we have , from the universe to the graviton,by the way of the particles and their inner structures , only spheres with constant A=3,8 10 77.N/m  The radius is proportional to the square root of the number of inner gravitons .The proton is very strong .

 It is also necessary to see the "electric" protons are 137 less numerous than the
"massic" protons .This is important for the experiments of diffusion, and the radius of the proton is 5,64 Fermi.This radius is the radius of all particles . For the electron we have a very jolting life and a very weak average.One proof of this idea is the tunnel effect , which is necessarily more long for the electron than for the proton , and  the quarks are not existing                                                   

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