Energy is given by three things ,quanta of the system , number of particles and how the particles lay in the quanta .Therefore we have volume ,number of particles and entropy to describe energy .After derivations of energy we have temperature , pressure and chemical potential . This is very mathematical . Entropy is not physical .We do not have entropimeter .First we have entropy given by the ratio of heat by temperature , which gives only the average number of quanta stocked by the system and not their distribution .Entropy given by the probability gives the more probable situation .But we have always attractive and electric forces and stable states , and the maximum of entropy is given by the minimum of energy .We have organised and quantified systems and no disorder .It is possible to make this calculations with gravitation .But the quanta of gravitation are very small , the possibilities very big and the physical meanings very ambiguous .The calculations of entropy is tied with the knowledges of the observer .Because the calculation of the probabilities is very tied with the know ledges of the system by the observer .For this cause somebody says the entropy gives only the observer's knowledges .The entropy does not act on the system it gives only some informations about is destiny.


As the other particles the photon exists only when it meets entities three and gravitons .It is build with two entities .The first have a proper frequency N1 and it is stable at speed V1 and the second frequency N2 and speed V2 .For this cause it have speed c, because at this speed it is insensible to the neighbourhood , and it frequency is N1-N2 .In this case the photon emits a wave in the medium of entities three (virtual photons) .The calculation gives a wave which is with the photon and little behind the photon , and a stationary system in the vacuum behind the photon .The first wave gives interferences in cases as Young's slits and diffraction .In this case the experimental system is concerned and the wave is more speedy than the photon .We have interferences and after the photon exists only where we have entities three .We have few interferences in this cases .The stationary system acts in case as slides ,corners , Newton's rings and Wiener's interferences (which are incomprehensible otherwise) .For the Michelson it is possible we have coincidences between two stationary system of two photons .
The radius of the photon is nearly the same as the radius of the other particles how it is given by its deflexion by the sun.
In the vacuum the polarization is a characteristic of the photon and not of the wave ,because we have cylindric geometry for the meetings. But in a crystal we have an electromagnetic wave and the photon go along with this wave to be stable ,because in this case it is insensible to its neighbourhood.


At the beginning we have things and antithings with nothing .This is mathematically easy ,the zero is a marvellous discovery .The antithings disintegrates and gives gravitons .We have about one gravitons in 10 (-45) m 3 .Then we have the gravitational field and 10 (-15) m for the radius of the stable particles given by the things .Now we have energy ,because we have particles and fields , but not before .We do not have creation of antimatter ,because with the quantic number of the antimatter it is impossible to have antiparticles without energy .We have creation of neutrons and they contain about 10( 40) gravitons ,because it is the ratio between strong interaction and gravity .Therefore the size of the graviton is 10( -35) m and it speed is c .After the entities three and four come .They are made with the same things as things and antithings . .The entities three make electric interactions and entities four disintegrate some neutrons , which give protons and electrons ,with equality between protons and electrons .This disintegration gives also 10 milliards of K ( 0,8 Mev) at the beginning and a part of the 3°K .We have an explosion ,which gives He ,and He gives the other part of the 3°K .This explosion gives system unconnected with the mass,but connected with the ratio of disintegrated neutrons .The calculation gives dimensions nearly the dimensions of the galaxies .After we have almost only the gravitation , and the universe is a galaxy of galaxies .
With this ideas it is possible to calculate Hubble's constant and to explain the red shift by the gravitation .But the universe is more
big and more old ..


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