2. Gravitation


The mass is therefore given by an event. This event is the meeting of the graviton with an entity two. Now it is necessary to know why a particle move when a graviton go through this particle. The concept of force is mathematical and explains nothing. A physical explanation would be the transit of the graviton changes the proper period of the particle and it is necessary for the particle to move in a landmark where the time fo crossing is the same of this proper period.









T is the period at rest

T' is the new period

We have (cT')² = (cT)² + (VT')² and Image186

It is easy afterwards to have all the Relativity and to explain that we have a potential equal c² in the vacuum, and an energy equal mc².

This demonstration gives also the principal results of general Relativity.


Newton's Law


In the particle we have (2B + 1) states. Therefore 2B + 1 gravitons are crossing in Image22  . At distance r and during the time dt we have x gravitons crossing the particle. Image214


R is the radius of collecting surface..


Each graviton gives to the particle the momentum ΔP . And we have


Image189 with Image190


and Image191

with Image192 we have Image193



and Image194

If 2π R = cT and T = 11,8.10-23s we have Δ T = 2,.10-62

HubbIe's constant


The photon is an unstable particle at rest. But when a graviton is crossing through the photon we have a modification ΔT of the period T, and a loss of energy. We have ΔW = hΔT/T2. It is easy to prove that the Hubble's constant is H = ΔT/T² with ΔT = 2,.10 –62 s and
T = 11,8. 10 –23 s.

We have 1/ H = 7 10 17 s. This value is a good experimental value. But this value is not the age of Universe. Obviously we have not a "big-bang". Morever it is easy to explain all the arguments of the "big-bang" by another reasons. Specially the 3 K is given by the desintegration of neutron and the making helium. This is also the explanation of the equality between protons and electrons.For the calculation of the red shift ,it is more difficult .We have an approximation in Newton's law and dark matter.

It is also possible to find a=Hc , where a is the acceleration given by the graviton to the particle ,when it goes through .

comment H/C=144 with megaparsec and km/s and 144=2x72 and this value change with the distance .The 2 is not a problem.

The standard mecanics uses a barycentric frame . The Relativities use an absolute frame. The laws are not the same and we have the false twins problem.                                               We have also a quantification of the gravitation.

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